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Despite the Challenges, Amazing Things Happened

By PEBC / November 16, 2021

; In 2020/21, as the world retreated behind screens, we grappled with ways to stay true to our belief that community matters in teacher preparation. Thankfully, as former teachers ourselves, we are accustomed to shifting on the fly. The amazing residents and teachers of record who chose 2020, of all […]

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Coaching Launch

By Michelle Morris Jones / September 1, 2021

As the school year begins, Instructional Coaches everywhere are serving teachers in a variety of ways. I was curious as to the coaching moves that my coaching colleagues lean into as the school year begins so I surveyed a handful of coaches from across the country and dug into some […]

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Becoming a Coach: Kirsten’s Story

By Kirsten Myers-Blake / July 29, 2021

Like many before me, I was a lead teacher who said goodbye to the classroom and hello to the front of a staff room. We traded our well-oiled systems for scaffolding student growth and were asked to differentiate learning for a community of adults. Any given year, this group could […]

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Creating a Predictable Structure for Professional Learning

By Michelle Morris Jones / June 22, 2021

Fueled with coffee and the remaining adrenaline from wrapping up the school year, the Bill Roberts Instructional Leadership Team gathered for our annual June reflecting and planning retreat.  Val started things off by asking, “So what went well this year, and where are we headed?”  After reviewing teacher surveys, exit […]

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Rock Star Alumna Instills a Sense of Curiosity in Students

By PEBC / May 12, 2021

Wrangling rock stars in the music industry requires the same skill set as teaching a roomful of third graders.  Maybe that’s why the transition was an easy one for me. When I attended college, I did so with an intense love of learning.  I was the first in my family […]

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Legislation to Support the Educator Workforce in Colorado

By Evan Kennedy / March 26, 2021

We’ve previously written about our efforts to create a more resilient education system in Colorado, including our work with Keystone Policy Center on the Education System Resiliency and Innovation Initiative (ESRII), which resulted in the Rebuilding Stronger report distilling the specific recommendations for state and local action developed by 80+ […]

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Keystone Policy Center, PEBC Publish Recommendations to Improve Teacher Support, Usher Education System Change Following COVID-19 Disruption

By Evan Kennedy / February 9, 2021

Keystone Policy Center (KPC) and the Public Education & Business Coalition (PEBC) published a comprehensive report Feb. 9 detailing a set of 16 recommendations aimed at strengthening teacher support and initiating system-level change. The report is the result of the work of a broad coalition called the Education System Resiliency […]

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Three Ways to Boost Language Use and Development in the Virtual World

By Moker Klaus-Quinlan / February 1, 2021

Do you remember watching a small child acquire language skills? First, they listen; then, they speak; soon, they write, and next they read, spiraling their growth in these language skills over time, ongoinging. Learners at all levels need a balance between experiences with receptive language (listening and reading) and expressive […]

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Supporting Ourselves and Others: Self-Care and SEL in the Age of Covid

By Andra Brill / January 14, 2021

Confession: I’ve never been much of a fan of the term self-care. It’s always felt a bit self-indulgent and brings up visions of the old Calgon bubble bath commercials. However, over the past few years, and particularly during the past several months of social distancing, I’ve started to see that […]

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Learning to Teach in the Age of COVID

By Kim McGrigg / January 11, 2021

­­­­Teaching is not only a career for Alex Buck; it’s his destiny. One of Alex’s earliest memories is from second grade when he drew pictures of himself as a teacher – complete with a classroom full of students.   Fast forward to college: Alex studied History and French at the University […]

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Four Critical Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Practices: Supporting Ourselves and Others in Unusual Times

By Andra Brill / January 8, 2021

We are living in remarkable times. In July of 2020, in the middle of the Covid pandemic, CASEL released what they called an SEL (Social Emotional Learning) roadmap for reopening schools. In collaboration with forty other organizations, CASEL addressed the challenges that schools were facing as they looked to reopen […]

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PEBC Teacher Residency Works to Diversify Colorado’s Teacher Workforce

By John Kearney / November 30, 2020

In the wake of calls for social justice during the Summer of 2020, 73 is a number that I’ve been thinking a lot about.  That’s because, in 73% of Colorado’s school districts, there is not one Black educator.  That’s right, I said districts.  As Director of Recruitment and Alumni Engagement […]

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