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PEBC lab classroom host

Lab Host Fellows

Become a lab host fellow and bring teacher learning to life.

For over three decades, PEBC (Public Education & Business Coalition) has grounded its professional development in providing opportunities for teacher leaders to reflect and refine their practices and open up their classrooms as places for colleagues to learn using a facilitated observation process. Working closely with a PEBC Facilitator, Lab Hosts welcome colleagues across the school year through institutes and seminars, local PEBC project schools, teacher residents, and national visitors. These Lab Hosts are lead learners who continually push their practice, surfacing the conscious moves they make to ensure student understanding at deep levels.

Graduates of the program have been trained in best practices around Peer Learning Lab observation and adult learning facilitation. They have exhibited best instructional practices, displayed teacher leadership, and are prepared to serve as an internal lab host for their school and district.

Benefits of Becoming a PEBC Lab Host Fellow

Join a Community of Learners

Learn with a cohort and join the PEBC network

Refine your Instruction

Push your practice as the lead learner in the classroom with the support of a PEBC coach

Become a Teacher Leader

Lead from the classroom as a Lab Host Fellow

Elevate the Teaching Profession

Model research-based best practices in instruction for colleagues


Eight months of differentiated professional learning

  • A 3 hour evening seminar to launch the Lab Host Fellows Year
  • The opportunity to attend 3 full-day seminars* (1 seminar with a PEBC Lab Host)
  • Two, 3 hour coaching sessions based on the PEBC Continuum of Best Instructional Practices with a prebrief, observation, debrief and detailed coaching notes with a PEBC Professional Learning Team member or Field Staff member
  • Colorado Department of Education (CDE) certificate of 35 hours of professional development upon completion of the program
  • An opportunity for continued study through Adams State University (ASU) for college credit
  • Program Fee: $500

*Lab Host Fellows are expected to cover their subs on seminar days

Who Should Apply

Successful PEBC Lab Host Fellows have a desire to be part of a scholarly, collegial group, with a strong commitment to ensuring all students achieve at high levels. They take a reflective stance as they seek new learning, talk about instructional decisions, and the impact they have on student achievement. They read research and apply research-based best practices to their own work in the classroom. They have a desire to collaborate with colleagues and a willingness to have colleagues observe their work with students in the classroom.

At this time, applications are by invitation only.

Future Opportunities

Certified PEBC Lab Host Pathway

After completing the PEBC Lab Host Fellows Program in May, Fellows may be asked to enter the pathway to becoming a certified PEBC Lab Host. Certified PEBC Lab Hosts have the opportunity to receive complimentary, ongoing coaching and professional development opportunities from PEBC and host visitors from around the country in their classroom, earning an honorarium for each visit.

The invitation to enter the pathway is determined in part by PEBC’s programmatic needs and requirements. Once approved to enter the pathway, interested Fellows will be observed by at least two PEBC Directors who will calibrate their instruction against the practices delineated in the PEBC Continuum. Selected fellows will continue to receive coaching, over a six month period, and have an opportunity to host outside visitors as they work towards the goal of becoming a certified PEBC Lab Host. Once certified, PEBC Lab Hosts commit to host visitors in their classroom for a minimum of two years.

Additional Information


Annie Patterson

Contact: Annie Patterson, Education Sr. Director, Lab Classrooms
[email protected]

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