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PEBC Board of Directors Names New President & CEO

July 17, 2019

In a unanimous decision, the Public Education & Business Coalition (PEBC) Board of Directors has named Sue Sava as the new President & CEO of PEBC. “The Board of Directors determined that Sue Sava is the right leader for PEBC. She is well-respected in education, extremely well-versed on the program side of PEBC and will be able to hit the ground running in terms of continuing the organization’s work and serving as the face of PEBC,” stated Jon Lehmann, Emeritus Board President, “We were extremely impressed with her background, experience and demonstrated leadership. We are confident that she will be successful in this essential and visible executive leadership role. We believe this position is ideally suited to leverage her strengths, experience and skill sets.” Lehmann concluded.

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Boettcher Foundation Makes Five-Year Commitment to the PEBC Teacher Residency

July 17, 2019

On June 26, 2019 the Boettcher Foundation Board of Trustees approved a five-year, $2.75 million commitment to the Public Education & Business Coalition (PEBC) teacher preparation. “We are thrilled about our continuing commitment to a program that has demonstrated success in preparing teachers for the demands of teaching,” said Boettcher Foundation President and CEO, Katie Kramer. “This program makes a lasting, positive difference in rural, urban and suburban areas of Colorado.”

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5 ways residency programs boost teacher preparation

June 11, 2019

Residency programs are focusing on teacher shortages and are changing teacher preparation for the better.

Across the country, residency programs are growing in popularity to help address teacher shortages and in teacher preparation. These programs provide alternative licensure for educators who are often changing careers to work in high-need schools–particularly in rural communities–and in hard-to-fill subject areas.

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PEBC Trained Teacher Earns Milken Educator Award

February 11, 2019

Fifth-grade teacher Angie Beavin knows how to meet the needs of her students at Peaks Mill Elementary in Frankfort, KY, and it all starts with reading. As the saying goes, reading is fundamental, but in the contemporary classroom you could add that data helps get the job done. Beavin is an enthusiastic proponent of the Public Education and Business Coalition’s “Thinking Strategies” method, as she builds a love of reading and an inquiry-driven approach into every lesson, which serves to promote independent thinking and learning.

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Sue Sava Joins Kindergarten NOW Coalition

January 18, 2019

PEBC’s Vice President and Chief Policy Officer, Sue Sava, has joined Governor Polis’ Kindergarten NOW Coalition. The Coalition’s goal is to fully fund full-day kindergarten for all children in Colorado by Fall 2019.

PEBC Superintendent Forum

June 3, 2019

Five rural, urban, and suburban superintendents who spoke Monday on a panel at an annual superintendents forum hosted by the Denver-based Public Education and Business Coalition. Their discussion focused on the intersection of business and education — particularly how schools could help students prepare for meaningful careers.

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PEBC Trained Teacher Named Teacher of the Year

October 30, 2018

Meg Cypress, a Stanley Teacher Prep. alumna and fifth-grade teacher from Bradley International School in Denver Public Schools (DPS), was named the 2019 Colorado Teacher of the Year during a surprise assembly at her school on October 30, 2018. She was selected for the honor based on her energy and for her exceptional ability to inspire and excite students, parents, other teachers, administrators.

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PEBC Promotion Announcement: Sue Sava to Vice President

August 15, 2018

We are proud to announce the promotion of Sue Sava to Vice President. She will retain her position as Chief Policy Officer.

Sue joined the Public Education & Business Coalition (PEBC) three years ago as the ED of Stanley Teacher Prep. She then became Chief Policy Officer and has been instrumental in leading the vision for PEBC’s policy work. “Sue’s successful work during the legislative session was invaluable; not only in her role in passing significant and new legislation on Residency, but driving important conversations about teacher prep and continued support as teachers grow in their craft,” said Rosann Ward, President and CEO of PEBC.

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PEBC Executive Director of Education to Join 2019 Class of Colorado Governors Fellows

June 8, 2018

Jocelyn Stephens, PEBC’s Executive Director of Education, will be inducted into the 2019 class of Colorado Governors Fellows by Governor Hickenlooper on June 28, 2019.

Now in its third year, the Colorado Governors Fellowship Program is a nonpartisan public sector leadership program inspired by the White House Fellows Program and Dr. Geoff Smart’s best-selling book, Leadocracy. Supported by Governors Hickenlooper, Owens, and Ritter, the Fellowship Program operates on the premise that government is only as good as who is in it, and that the best executives from the private and nonprofit sectors can elevate the brand of government by applying their skills and experience to the public sector.

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PEBC Featured in Washington Post

PEBC’s teacher residency work was featured in a Washington Post article as a solution for the teacher shortage in rural Colorado.

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PEBC Featured in Chalkbeat Colorado

PEBC’s work with Park Lane Elementary School (Aurora, Colo.) was featured in a Chalkbeat Colorado article. As stated, “The goal [of PEBC’s work] is to help teachers, with help from other educators and support staff, anticipate and deal with more problems in the classroom.” As well as “helping teachers work with students dealing with trauma.” Jocelyn Stephens, PEBC’s Executive Director of Education, provided context for the article and indicates that because of this work, “several students already shown improvements in their behavior.”

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PEBC Featured in The Connector Magazine

PEBC’s Associated Executive Director of Education Sarah Glover had a piece featured in the March issue of The Connector Magazine. In her piece, Sarah shared five traits that define a great teacher. “Great teachers cultivate curiosity, embrace failure, focus on all students, believe in their value, and seek work-life balance in order to have meaningful and memorable impacts on the lives of their students,” she says.

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PEBC Announces Partnerships with Five Colorado Institutions of Higher Education

PEBC is pleased to announce partnerships with five Colorado-based institutions of higher education to offer masters-level credit hours to participants in its Boettcher Teacher Residency. PEBC’s residents now have unrivaled choice to advance their education through a variety of institutions, course delivery options and programs.

“In recognition of the deep experiential learning and professional development residents receive during their licensure year, PEBC has established partnerships with Colorado institutions of higher education to grant residents—starting with our current cohort—credits in various master’s degree programs,” said Jocelyn Stephens, Executive Director of Education at PEBC. “We are proud to be unique in offering our residents choice in pursuing an advanced degree.”

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PEBC Featured in WorkingNation

PEBC was the focus of an article on WorkingNation, where our residency model was highlighted as an innovative program taking on Colorado’s teacher shortage. The piece features interviews with partner school principal David Roll, and Mike Sheets, a current Boettcher Teacher Resident. In the article, it highlights the fact that, “From schools in the Denver metro area to the mostly rural eastern plains and rural corners of the state, [PEBC’s] residency is aligned to meet the needs of these populations.”

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PEBC Featured in the Aurora Sentinel

PEBC was featured in the Aurora Sentinel‘s 2018 Legislative Preview, with Sue Sava, Chief Policy Officer, quoted saying, “If we don’t appropriately support our education system, we will not produce the skilled workforce that our economic development will demand.” And PEBC was noted as an outside group that would “make sure lawmakers don’t leave the Gold Dome in May without some movement for teachers.”

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Op-Ed Written by PEBC Board Member

“When students do not have professional, experienced educators in their classrooms and schools, ample research shows that student outcomes diminish.” Read an op-ed in the Pagosa Daily Post written by PEBC Board Member and Colorado Education Association President Kerrie Dallman—which mentions the conversations that took place at PEBC’s Superintendent Forum.

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PEBC featured in Chalkbeat Colorado

As Colorado’s education leaders develop plans for how to address the state’s educator shortage, important discussions are taking place about strategies to elevate the teaching profession. Highlighting PEBC’s role in hosting the state’s Commissioner of Education and Executive Director of Higher Education as they outlined the state’s action plan, and superintendents’ responses, Chalkbeat Colorado provides a great overview of the conversations that took place at PEBC’s Superintendent Forum December 7.

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PEBC featured on CBS Denver

Education is “the profession upon which all professions are built—and the economic development of the state depends on teachers.” PEBC’s Chief Policy Officer, Sue Sava, shared her expertise in a CBS Denver piece on the state’s action plan to address Colorado’s educator shortage. The piece also featured Frank Coyne of the Denver Green School, a Boettcher Teacher Residency partner.

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PEBC in The Denver Post and Denver Business Journal

The Colorado Department of Education and Department of Higher Education recently released their joint plan to address the state’s educator shortage. Both The Denver Post and Denver Business Journal highlighted the fact that the Department of Education and Department of Higher Education will unveil the details of the state’s action plan at PEBC’s annual superintendent forum.

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PEBC featured on the Teaching Channel

October and November are often characterized by teachers as a period of survival mode or a time when feelings of disillusionment come to the forefront—Rachele McCawley Robertson, Director of Urban Residency for PEBC’s Boettcher Teacher Residency shares her three tips for staying energized during the school year on The Teaching Channel’s Tcher’s Voice blog.

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PEBC’s Boettcher Teacher Residency Recognized by the Louisiana Department of Education

PEBC’s Boettcher Teacher Residency was recently featured as a model residency program by the Louisiana Department of Education in a report on how to address the state’s teacher shortage.The report calls the Boettcher Teacher Residency a strong model that that “enable(s) rural school systems to identify and build local teaching talent.”

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PEBC on the Scholastic Education Blog: Cultivating a Culturally Responsive Classroom

Jocelyn Stephens, PEBC’s Executive Director of Education, recently shared her advice on how to cultivate a culturally responsive classroom community on Scholastic’s Education blog.

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Photo By: Jenny Brundin
Courtesy of: Colorado Public Radio

How Do You Keep Teachers In Rural Ignacio? You Grow Your Own

By Jenny Brundin
Colorado Public Radio
August 15, 2017

Colorado needs teachers. Thousands of them. Colleges in the state are graduating 25 percent fewer licensed teachers than they did six years ago. The crisis is most acute in rural Colorado, where turnover is high.


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Measures to improve how Colorado prepares future teachers

By: Jon Lehmann and Tom Brinegar
Colorado Spring Gazette
August 13, 2017

Colorado’s natural resources – from our abundant natural gas to unparalleled open spaces – have fueled the state’s most recent economic boom. The only way to sustain this growth over the long term, however, is investing in Colorado’s human resources.

The Centennial State’s new economy needs skilled workers to help us continue to win the global economic race and to the meet the needs of tomorrow’s employers in our thriving aerospace, technology, and innovation sectors.

Our state, though, is facing a serious teacher shortage that threatens to stifle its growth. It’s time for our state to find a better way forward to prepare teachers to support student achievement and lifelong success.

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PEBC collaborates with Colorado Higher Ed and Districts to Study Effectiveness of Teacher Residency

July 11, 2017

The Colorado Consortium of Residency Educators (CO-CORE), a unique group of partners across higher education and non-profit organizations in Colorado, has received a $400,000 federal grant from the Institute of Education Sciences to study what makes teacher residencies effective as a teacher preparation strategy and how to sustainably fund their most important elements.

Teacher residencies, often compared to medical residencies, offer yearlong experiences co-teaching with accomplished teachers as a central part of the preparation of novice teachers. The first of its kind in the country, this study will determine the components of residency programs that serve as quality indicators of teacher effectiveness. Ultimately, the research will provide the state with the capacity to assess the quality of teacher residency programs, follow the transition of residents into the first years of teaching, and evaluate their investment.

PEBC (and the Boettcher Teacher Residency) are honored to be the sole non-profit contributor to the study

As the number of teacher residency programs has grown in Colorado and across the country, the range of preparation approaches has grown as well, raising questions about the quality and effectiveness of these different approaches. This two-year study will analyze data from a range of residency program models from across the state to understand what makes programs effective and determine and provide comparable metrics to understand program success.

PEBC’s Chief Policy Officer, Sue Sava, noted “As the only non-profit involved in CO-CORE, PEBC is excited to bring its distinct perspective to the collaborative.  Our deep relationships with schools, districts and communities across the state, including in many rural areas, will allow us to strengthen the data collection and reporting involved in this project.”

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PEBC welcomes Jocelyn Stephens, M.Ed. as the new Executive Director of Education

June 23, 2017


We are proud to announce that PEBC’s new Executive Director of Education will be Jocelyn Stephens, M.Ed.  Jocelyn will lead all of the professional learning and preparation work of the organization.  Formerly Learning Community Director of Aurora Public Schools, Jocelyn brings years of experience and expertise in teaching and leading P-12 public school settings predominately serving culturally, linguistically and socio-economically diverse populations.   We are excited to incorporate her voice and talents to our focus on closing the achievement gaps for all students, a major strand of PEBC’s Vision 2025.  Her knowledge and implementation of Design Thinking, creating cultures of thinking, data-driven instructional cycles, leadership and teacher leadership, and coaching strategies, etc.,  will enhance our work in all these areas, and beyond.  Jocelyn will join PEBC’s Executive Team in playing a significant role in leading the entire organization. Her first day as Executive Director of Education at PEBC will be Wednesday, July 12th.

Jocelyn’s first day as Executive Director of Education at PEBC will be Wednesday, July 12th.


Teacher shortage in Colorado reaches critical condition

March 4, 2017
by Luke Perkins
Durango Herald

The teacher shortage is becoming critical as a third of Colorado’s more than 53,000 teachers will be eligible to retire in the next five years, and fewer students are enrolling in and graduating from teacher education programs to replace them.

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Photo Credit: Shaun Stanley, Durango Herald

Photo by: Shaun Stanley  Courtesy of Durango Herald

Noah Gorz, Boettcher Teacher Resident, works with Escalante Middle School sixth-grade student Nicoel Swete in the school’s library Friday under the supervision of teacher Duane Tucker, background.


Equipping students for success

January 3, 2017
by Brenna Kelly
Kentucky Teacher

Welcome to the Bellevue Classroom, a model of teaching and learning that Bellevue Independent created using tools from the Public Education and Business Coalition (PEBC), a Denver-based nonprofit that provides teacher training.

For the past two years, teachers and administrators at the 700-student district in Campbell County have been transforming their instruction using four foundations – Thinking Strategies, classroom communities, workshop model lessons and student/teacher discourse about their learning

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Photo by Bobby Ellis
Courtesy of Kentucky Teacher

Boettcher program trains teachers to be successful

April 22,  2016
by Ann Butler
Durango Herald

New teachers are leaving the profession at alarming rates, and colleges are graduating fewer licensed teachers, leaving many schools hurting for qualified instructors. Southwest Colorado is one of four areas in the state particularly hard-hit by the shortage.
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Video Courtesy of Durango Herald

Residency program addresses teacher shortage

April 20,  2016

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Recruiting more teachers of color

Colorado State of Mind
Re-segregation in southwest Denver schools

October 23, 2015

Elevating the teaching profession, and recruiting more teachers of color, are critical for student success and reimagining the future of education in Colorado.

PEBC’s Boettcher Teacher Residency, which recently combined with Stanley Teacher Prep, discusses the importance of these goals and how it is addressing these needs on RMPBS’s Colorado State of Mind.

The interview with Sue Sava, Executive Director of Stanley Teacher Prep and Christopher Delgado, Recruitment Manager of Boettcher Teacher Residency starts at 16:38.

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*Video courtesy of Rocky Mountain PBS

Colorado teacher residency programs merging to prepare more teachers

September 23, 2015
Boettcher Teacher Residency, Stanley Teacher Prep combining to help boost workforce

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Photo Credit: AAron Ontiveroz, The Denver Post
DENVER, CO - SEPTEMBER 21: Jessie Massey works with fifth grade teachers Rick Nielsen and Sara Marchi during an inservice day at Valley View K-8 on Monday, September 21, 2015. Massey, a graduate of the residency program is now a teacher mentor. (Photo by AAron Ontiveroz/The Denver Post)

PEBC Announces Formation of Colorado’s Largest Residency-based
Teacher-Preparation Program

September 23, 2015
Program Doubles National Average for Teacher Retention, Creates Statewide Teacher Pipeline

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Belle Faust, Executive Director, Boettcher Teacher Residency and Sue Sava, Executive Director, Stanley Teacher Prep

Belle Faust, Executive Director, Boettcher Teacher Residency and Sue Sava, Executive Director, Stanley Teacher Prep

Dr. Cynthia Stevenson Joins PEBC as Senior Consultant

February 5, 2015
Former Jeffco Public Schools Superintendent Appointed to Leadership Team

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Teacher Residency Aims to Prepare Great Educators in Colorado

07TeacherResidencyJanuary 7, 2015
PEBC’s Boettcher Teacher Residency, which prepares people to have exceptional teaching careers through a hands-on master’s degree program, is now accepting applications.

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Colorado Superintendents: Too much testing, not enough dollars

October 30, 2014
Public school superintendents across Colorado say the time spent testing is cutting into teaching time in the classroom.

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Superintendents vent on testing and about the legislature

October 29, 2014
A group of district leaders criticized excessive testing and had some frank comments about legislators Wednesday during the annual PEBC Superintendent Forum.

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Public Education & Business Coalition Wins $2.9 Million Teacher Preparation Grant

September 25, 2014
Grant to Help Train STEM Teachers in Rural Colorado

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Q&A: Will too much testing sap students’ creativity?

April 29, 2014
Audio: Ryan Warner talks with Jenny Brundin about one scholar’s thesis that the race to boost America’s test scores will lead to its decline.

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State awards funds for more teachers in rural areas

April 2, 2014
Both Teach for America and the Colorado Boettcher Teacher Residency received nearly one and a half million dollars each from the Colorado Department of Education to expand their work on recruiting and training teaching candidates

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Colorado Boettcher Teacher Residency named 100Kin10 partner

January 31, 2014
100Kin10, a multi-sector network addressing the national imperative to train 100,000 science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) teachers by 2021, today announced 31 new partner organizations.

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Beleaguered schools getting help for teachers

December 30, 2013
Montezuma-Cortez Re-1 schools will get a little help next year from the Colorado Boettcher Teacher Residency program.

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PEBC Awarded $6.47 Million to Train Teachers

December 11, 2013
Grants Fund Effort to Place Effective Teachers in Colorado’s Urban and Rural School

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ASU teacher programs strive to satisfy Valley districts

October 31, 2013
Adams State University’s (ASU) education department is working to ensure teachers have the unique skills needed to succeed in the Valley.

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