Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you only had to change ONE thing to impact student learning?

Unfortunately, schools don’t work like that. School systems are complex, interdependent organizations made up of many moving parts and many, often moving, individuals—including leaders, teachers, staff, students and parents.

PEBC’s system-based approach to professional development leverages multiple strategies concurrently and:

  • Enhances instructional leadership to increase teacher effectiveness
  • Establishes a healthy and collaborative school culture with respectful relationships
  • Creates a shared strategic direction that values continuous learning and improvement

We offer professional learning opportunities for educators across the continuum of their careers—ranging from induction support and in-classroom teaching strategies, to school and district leadership coaching. PEBC does not provide one-size-fits all supports or programs, instead we tailor our approach to your school or system’s individual needs and characteristics.

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Professional Development for System Leaders

PEBC works collaboratively with school and district leaders to plan how best to support change, attending to content, context and the desired outcomes they seek. PEBC staff are highly skilled facilitators, professional developers and thought partners, with extensive knowledge of student and adult learning, coaching, and work at all levels within a system to catalyze desired results.
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Professional Development for Teachers

PEBC supports teachers in all content areas, and at all levels to become the educators they aspire to be. Through professional development institutes, lab classroom visits, on-site in-services and individual coaching, PEBC offers customized professional learning centered on student understanding.
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The PEBC Learning System

PEBC’s work is centered on our Learning System, which reflects our beliefs, core values and principles—representing a 35-year evolution and synthesis of research and best practices. Designed as a comprehensive, interconnected network, this system has five primary components and utilizes adaptive approaches to develop and leverage the key flexibilities needed for systemic, sustainable success within classroom, school and district contexts. The five components are:

  • Talent and Professional Capital
  • Learning Design
  • Data and Evaluation
  • Partnerships
  • Policy

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For more information about how PEBC can partner with your school or district, please contact Craig DeLeone at [email protected] or 720-502-4325.