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Become a teacher and make a difference in the lives of students across Colorado.

The Boettcher Teacher Residency Experience

PEBC’s residency program prepares people to have exceptional teaching careers through a hands-on licensure program.

PEBC believes the classroom is the best place for teachers to develop the skills they need, so we place them in teaching positions alongside master teachers right from the start. Every day, our resident teachers pour themselves into teaching students, all the while fulfilling their own licensure coursework requirements. We help them every step of the way with outstanding mentors, peer groups, and expertise because we know that when teachers are well-trained and energetically supported, their commitment to their careers soar and students thrive as a result.

Our teachers enter the classroom prepared

Full academic year apprenticeship in a classroom under the guidance of a Mentor Teacher who provides intensive feedback and coaching.

Opportunity to work in a variety of high-needs Colorado school districts.

Colorado Teaching License

A collaborative cohort of learners that continue to provide on-going professional support throughout your teaching career.

Our teachers are continually supported

This comprehensive program provides five year of unparalleled professional development support from PEBC, connecting academic theory to classroom practice.

Our teachers stay in the profession

Over 95% of teachers who complete PEBC’s residency continue teaching in the classroom throughout their first five years in the program, compared to a national average of less than 50%.

Our teachers make a lasting impact

PEBC’s teachers enter the profession with the skills, knowledge, confidence and support needed to ensure that their students reach the highest possible levels of achievement. For more information, please visit the Boettcher Teacher Residency website.

Visit the website to learn more about how to become a teacher.
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